Monday, November 1, 2010

Glyco-A Generic Skin Care Medication

Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] is one of the most effective natural exfoliators that effectively help the skin to shed off the outermost layer of the hyper-pigmented skin cells in rapid succession.

The Glyco-A cream contains a high strength of hydroquinone products that make the process easier. The exfoliating action of the Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] also may help in diminishing the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines on the epidermal skin. This in a way is a very effective dermatological medicine that may prove to be the first choice in case of all those patients who are concerned with age problems and their skin.

You need to apply Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] on the affected areas two times everyday or just in the way as mentioned by your dermatologist.

Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] can be applied on the hands chest back and all such areas that have hyper-pigmented skin. Apply the skin evenly over the entire affected area for speedy and effective benefits.

Always rub the Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] evenly over the affected area and do not expose the area to direct sunlight.

Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after using Glyco-A [Glycolic acid].

Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] cream is used in the treatment of all of the following skin problems that may be a matter of real concern more often than not.

 Severe acne
 Skin bumps
 Skin discoloration
 Appearances of sun damaged skin
 And in order to fight skin aging

Glyco-A [Glycolic acid] cream is also used in the treatment of some less acute skin conditions like

 Whiteheads
 Oily skin
 Blackheads
 Pustules
 Rebuilding elastic tissues
 Prevention of gravity induced sagging
 To acquire smoother textures
 Do away with surgical scarring
 Tighten face pores
 It is also an effective natural moisturizer


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